Ashtead Technology have an extensive array of packaged solutions covering a range of nuclear applications.

Ashtead Technology provides video and sonar imaging sensors, inspection automation systems and material handling solutions to the nuclear industry.

The nuclear industry is recognised as having unique challenges, which can go beyond normal support requirements.

With our extensive knowledge implementing remote monitoring, automation and intervention technology solutions, we can create a step-change in the way access, visualisation and waste handling challenges are tackled. This improves productivity whilst maximising safety and managing environmental contamination risk.

Integrated solutions

Discover how Ashtead Technology incorporates market-leading technologies and innovative life of field services to help clients deliver complex projects.

Ashtead Technology is a supplier of remote high-resolution video, acoustic and laser imaging systems used in the nuclear decommissioning sector.

Having a clear and unimpeded view of operations is a hugely important aspect of conducting a safe and efficient operation, particularly when undertaking remote operations. Effective delivery of visualisation requires equipment that is highly reliable and which is tolerant of radiation without rapid degradation.

With our knowledge and experience of providing high-resolution real-time imaging solutions, we can deliver a step-change in productivity throughout contaminated areas of a site, whilst delivering a safe work environment.

Ashtead Technology is a provider of sophisticated remote robotic solutions and automation systems for complex inspection and monitoring tasks in high risk and hazardous areas.

The ability to access worksites remotely to inspect, monitor and execute tasks in the nuclear sector comes with unique and difficult challenges. A key consideration is the reliability of systems that cannot be accessed once deployed, as it is vital that operations continue in the event of a sub-system failure.

With our knowledge and experience in providing high integrity real-time automated inspection and intervention systems we can help create a step-change in productivity throughout contaminated areas of a site, whilst delivering a safe work environment.

Ashtead Technology is a provider of slurry pump systems used in dredging, excavation and sedimentary transportation and removal.

When sediments and water come in contact with radioactive material, it can become entrained and has to be handled and disposed of during clean-up and decommissioning. With contamination of equipment being a major consideration, dredge pumps have to be extremely reliable with low wear characteristics.

With our expertise, design capabilities and in-house dredge pump solutions we can address and solve handling and separation needs, delivering a safe solution, whilst minimising risk and improving productivity.

Underwater Cutting Solutions (UCS) designs and engineers an extensive array of subsea and topside cutting solutions, suitable for use on caissons, pipelines, tubulars and jackets of various sizes.

The comprehensive range of UCS cutting systems includes diamond wire and dual cut bandsaws, chop saws, hydraulic shears, and abrasive waterjet cutting systems. These can be configured for diver or ROV-deployed use, as many clients move away from traditional methods of diver installation in favour of remote operations.

UCS delivers user-friendly, high performance cutting systems which can be bespoke-engineered to your exact project requirements. International technical support and operational capability is available from highly-experienced and trained UCS technicians.

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