Civil construction

Ashtead Technology have an extensive array of packaged solutions covering a range of civil construction applications.

Ashtead Technology provides monitoring and inspection solutions to support civil construction and maintenance work for bridges, dams, power generation systems and sea protection structures.

During the construction phase, various monitoring, inspection and verification work must be carried out in difficult to access locations. Small observation and ROV inspection methods are now being favoured over diving.

By integrating visual, acoustic and laser sensors and ROV platforms, we can help maximise performance and monitor capabilities throughout construction and maintenance operations.

Integrated solutions

Discover how Ashtead Technology incorporates market-leading technologies and innovative life of field services to help clients deliver complex projects.

Ashtead Technology provides measurement and monitoring solutions based on photogrammetry, laser, sonar and ultrasonic technologies for the on and offshore civil construction sectors.

Inspection and monitoring of ongoing submerged construction and maintenance operations in real-time is highly desirable, but often requires the ability to work in shallow waters and poor visibility. These are very important factors when selecting the right inspection platform and sensor package.

With our experience of working closely with our clients to deliver solutions that meet these demands and our in-depth knowledge of sensor technologies, we can provide the best solution to meet construction support monitoring needs, in any operational environment.

Inspection of hydropower generation systems and associated flow-path structures and components requires the use of specialist technologies in difficult to access and high risk areas. In addition, multiple sensors are required to remotely assess the integrity of the system, which can result in a complex inspection programme that requires careful planning to maximise data collection in critical areas.

At Ashtead Technology, we engineer unique solutions that can inspect power generation components such as piping, water flow channels, tunnels and inlet/outlet chambers. Typical issues include material cracks, corrosion, cavitation damage, sediment build-up, partial blockages and mechanical damage.

We have experience in combining diverse inspection systems and engineering deployment solutions to facilitate complex single-pass inspection plans across a range of power generation applications. We can also deliver precise and detailed information on the asset, so informed decisions can be made.

Underwater Cutting Solutions (UCS) designs and engineers an extensive array of subsea and topside cutting solutions, suitable for use on caissons, pipelines, tubulars and jackets of various sizes.

The comprehensive range of UCS cutting systems includes diamond wire and dual cut bandsaws, chop saws, hydraulic shears, and abrasive waterjet cutting systems. These can be configured for diver or ROV-deployed use, as many clients move away from traditional methods of diver installation in favour of remote operations.

UCS delivers user-friendly, high performance cutting systems which can be bespoke-engineered to your exact project requirements. International technical support and operational capability is available from highly-experienced and trained UCS technicians.

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