Digital data systems

Ashtead Technology have an extensive array of packaged solutions covering a range of digital data applications.

The ability to acquire, transport, manage and transform data into information that can support decisions are all essential aspects of integrity management and assurance, and require careful consideration to ensure the records produced fit into an overall integrity management information system.

With diverse sensing technologies data can be in many forms, some embedding multiple complex attributes, others being single point values.

When data is produced from autonomous subsea monitoring systems, the issue becomes more complicated due to limitations in access and communication rate available over an acoustic link.

A central pillar of our solutions is in the management of data from sensor to information and this often determines the form of solution that we offer to meet client requirements. Ashtead Technology has in-depth experience of the issues involved and limitations allowing our clients, unique insights into delivering robust and reliable asset integrity inspection and monitoring solutions that can handle all data requirements.

Integrated solutions

Discover how Ashtead Technology incorporates market-leading technologies and innovative life of field services to help clients deliver complex projects.

Managing data from sensor to database or software application can present difficult challenges, particularly if the data is to be used by multiple stakeholders simultaneously in different ways. Understanding how data is to be used and how networks can be configured to provide real-time multiple access to data can allow powerful open information systems to be created that empower users to extract valuable information.

Ashtead Technology have an in-depth portfolio of data communication and data management knowledge, supplemented by proprietary data optimisation software and hardware systems that can be deployed both subsea and at the surface to link users to sensors in a unique way.

Ashtead Technology have the tools and knowledge to make a fundamental difference to how and where you can access real-time integrity data in addition to be able to visualise trends across multiple sensor systems allowing users to compile time and location coherent data sets for uploading to asset integrity databases.

Multiplexing data to minimise the number of data channels and to maximise data throughput allows multiple sensors with diverse communication formats to be connected to multiple users. Data formats include video, ethernet, serial and discrete analogue data formats.

Ashtead Technology is a specialist in configuring and providing powerful data solutions for asset integrity inspection and monitoring applications.

Our knowledge and track record in optimising data flow and multiplexing combined with our software and hardware-based solutions deliver simplified more flexible data configuration, allowing access to data sources with minimum infrastructure requirements.

Visualisation of data and feature detection systems make it much easier and more reliable in detecting and enunciating events for condition monitoring systems, eliminating the need for expert interpretation of numerical data. This allows systems to be monitored in real-time by operations personnel who may not be trained in specific fields, allowing informed decisions to be made rapidly and reliably.

At Ashtead Technology, we provide uniquely configured event detection and enunciation systems to monitor, graphically visualise and advise users of events that indicate a change in integrity status.

With our in-house software building blocks, we can gather data using built-in set-points that trigger an event being detected, providing advisory information that users can rely upon.

Having experts aboard an offshore facility or inspection vessel is expensive and with constraints on trained and competent personnel, there is a drive towards real-time inspection data being communicated directly to an onshore survey office environment. This allows expert personnel to work concurrently on multiple projects in different geographical regions. This requires the ability to provide real-time online data feeds between offshore installations and the virtual offshore office, which may be located thousands of miles away from the offshore site.

Ashtead Technology have a successful track record in providing remote real-time subsea-to-desk solutions to support critical subsea operations.

With our communications knowledge and our software based data building blocks, we can create internet-based subsea-to-desk data communication solutions to support your offshore inspection and permanent monitoring requirements anywhere in the world. All we need is an internet connection and we can provide you with a solution, which allows you to place your domain experts onshore. Thus allowing the handling of multiple projects concurrently with less people and greater ability to respond.