Drilling and workover

Ashtead Technology has an extensive array of packaged solutions covering a range of drilling & workover applications.

Drilling and subsequent well intervention work requires detailed and reliable information throughout each stage of the operation to ensure safety and optimum efficiency, without causing damage to the environment or any associated equipment.

Drilling and production equipment can often be exposed to high levels of stress and if not managed properly, this can lead to accelerated fatigue and potential failure.

At Ashtead Technology, we can provide the data acquisition, visualisation and processing services along with the required sensor systems to achieve operational efficiency in even the most challenging environments.

Integrated solutions

Discover how Ashtead Technology incorporates market-leading technologies and innovative life of field services to help clients deliver complex projects.

Environmental loading can have a significant impact on drilling and production equipment. Issues such as mechanical loading and fatigue can increase the risk of failure, which could result in the release of environmental emissions or costly damage to drilling and workover equipment. In seas where high waves and strong tidal currents are common, the potential risk of failure is far greater, which can have a significant influence on drilling and workover operations.

Ashtead Technology can provide all the key services and systems to assess ocean currents in real-time to effectively detect changes and provide valuable data in the most critical stages of drilling operations. We can also deliver wave height and direction monitoring, as well as wind speed and direction information to accurately inform decision makers of the full environmental loading, in real-time.

Ashtead Technology have an extensive array of packaged solutions covering a range of riser management applications.

The interaction of ocean currents on drilling/workover risers and systems can result in excessive structural loading on risers, connection systems, wellhead equipment and tensioning systems. This can cause significant problems in well entry, completion operations and the running of tools, particularly in variable and layered current profiles.

Ashtead Technology can provide real-time and off-line monitoring services to determine riser angle and vibration at key locations to effectively manage the operation in adverse conditions and validate predictive numerical models to:

  • Monitor riser shape
  • Optimise lower ball joint entry angle
  • Assess extent and modes of vortex induced vibration

With remote access information systems, we can transmit critical data from subsea-to-shore in real-time, providing full visibility of an asset and its current condition.

Ashtead Technology have an extensive array of packaged solutions covering a range of wellhead entry & inspection applications.

Ashtead Technology can provide precise remote monitoring solutions during a wellhead and tree connection for drilling and workover systems based on video, sonar and laser sensing technologies.

In addition to monitoring of connection and disconnection operations, we can also provide highly precise remote metrology and inspection services to measure internal and external geometry and the surface finish of critical components. This helps to establish and quantify any deformation or damage to sealing interfaces, lockdown rings and other critical components.

We offer certified subsea photogrammetry services along with the most advanced laser scanning tools on the market, which can determine material loss or component deformation to sub-millimetre accuracy. This service delivers highly precise engineering information to inform decisions, quickly and reliably. The inspection data can be used to create a 3D model for comparison with previous data and drawings to quickly and reliably identify potential issues.

Ashtead Technology have an extensive array of packaged solutions covering a range of subsea control & intervention applications.

Ashtead Technology have an in-depth understanding of drilling and workover requirements, and can provide the necessary ROV-deployed intervention and support systems. These include hydraulic tooling packages, BOP over-ride services, methanol injection systems, and tree land-out and connection tools. We offer full on and offshore integration and support services to ensure the systems work exactly as required, when required.

Ashtead Technology also provide fully autonomous control and monitoring systems tailored for specific applications. We can support subsea drilling, well intervention and workover operations, including hydraulic, electronic and software aspects. In addition, we can deliver visualisation and data management systems to bring the workplace to the operator, whether on or offshore, driving cost reduction and improved safety performance.

Ashtead Technology have an extensive array of packaged solutions covering a range of shallow gas monitoring applications.

Assessing the potential risk of a hydrocarbon release is of key importance to the safe and successful operation of a subsea development. If a leak is detected, samples may be required from the seabed to identify the source and ensure it’s managed effectively, minimising the risk of environmental impact.

Ashtead Technology provides equipment and services for the detection of gas leaks as well as gas sampling to allow analysis. We offer a range of sonar detection systems to cover different operating conditions. Our gas sampling systems collect gas from the seabed in sealed flasks, allowing safe transportation to shore for chemical analysis.