Structure construction & installation

Ashtead Technology have an extensive array of packaged solutions covering a range of structure construction & installation applications.

We have a proven track record in delivering meaningful and practical improvements in safety and structural monitoring to maximise efficiencies throughout the construction and installation process.

The development and project build of main structures requires precise measurement and monitoring during fabrication, offshore installation and as-installed recording phases.

A key driver in this sector is improved efficiency, employing faster methods to reduce costs, whilst delivering improved safety and real-time condition monitoring, as well as post-installation verification of structures.

Integrated solutions

Discover how Ashtead Technology incorporates market-leading technologies and innovative life of field services to help clients deliver complex projects.

At Ashtead Technology, we provide a range of integrated data systems, embedding RF communication technologies into data acquisition systems. This allows the acquisition of sensor data, either onshore or post load-out to the transportation vessel to be coordinated from a safe central location.

This results in offsets and orientations being achieved more quickly and accurately without requiring access to the structure throughout the calibration process.

Reduced time in performing dimensional control metrology and removing the need to work at height, particularly in a dynamic environment is a significant driver during yard and vessel operations.

There are a number of critical stages in subsea structure installation, a demanding process that requires remote monitoring and verification. These aspects include position, attitude, structural stress, installed depth and in the case of suction piles, differential pressure. Errors during this procedure can lead to a risk of damage to the structure.

Ashtead Technology can provide fully integrated and redundant remote monitoring systems with remote communication facilities to accommodate all types of installation requirements for manifolds, templates, PLEMs, PLETS, jackets, foundation piles, wind turbine foundations and similar structures.

Our services include monitoring of:

  • Positioning
  • Attitude (pitch, roll, heading)
  • Installed depth

Structural deformation

At Ashtead Technology, we can provide first-class monitoring solutions and services to support remote mooring system installation, monitoring and subsequent life of asset assurance.

A key driver in the installation of mooring systems, connections and interfaces for production assets is reducing installation time, whilst ensuring the load is equally balanced across both mooring lines and equipment, reducing the threat of premature failure.

Precise measurement processes and the ability to remotely access data during hook-up and tensioning operations can significantly reduce installation time and provide information, which assures quality control throughout the installation.

As market leaders, we can monitor floating and submerged buoyant structures in difficult environments, providing information and advisory systems to indicate unexpected changes in structure attitude that could indicate a loss of stability.

The stability of a floating or buoyant structure can be significantly affected by temporary installation loading, disconnection, re-configuration of moorings or changes in ballast state. In extreme circumstances, particularly in adverse weather conditions these influences could affect the stability of a structure to the extent that it either capsizes or damages risers, mooring connections and other critical components.

Our services include instrumentation, data management, communications and software visualisation and advisory systems to allow you to safely and effectively manage construction and maintenance operations, on and around these structures.

As a leader in providing conventional acoustic, subsea laser and photogrammetry surveying systems, we can deliver a service offering including the development of metrology work-plans, integrated metrology systems and offshore personnel to improve cost efficiencies and performance accuracies.

Spool metrology is a significant cost investment within subsea construction. New methods and procedures are being developed to reduce costs by eliminating tasks and minimising vessel time. The introduction of new laser and photogrammetry technologies are aimed at driving this improvement in efficiency and data quality.

We are passionate about technology and have an excellent track record in introducing and integrating survey technologies, video photogrammetry, including laser scanning, and other advanced sensor technologies.

Working closely with clients, we provide offshore services to acquire and package data, providing increased productivity, highly accurate data and real-time quality control capabilities. This ensures we continue to deliver consistent and optimised results, whilst reducing vessel time and survey costs.

As-installed record capture covers all subsea equipment including structures, flowlines, risers, umbilicals, mooring systems, jumpers and associated components.

Underwater Cutting Solutions (UCS) designs and engineers an extensive array of subsea and topside cutting solutions, suitable for use on caissons, pipelines, tubulars and jackets of various sizes.

The comprehensive range of UCS cutting systems includes diamond wire and dual cut bandsaws, chop saws, hydraulic shears, and abrasive waterjet cutting systems. These can be configured for diver or ROV-deployed use, as many clients move away from traditional methods of diver installation in favour of remote operations.

UCS delivers user-friendly, high performance cutting systems which can be bespoke-engineered to your exact project requirements. International technical support and operational capability is available from highly-experienced and trained UCS technicians.

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As assets age and deteriorate over time, it may be necessary to remove their protective coatings to assess their condition from a SA2.5/HB2.5 state, allowing the installation of repair clamps or for other works to be carried out. This requirement is becoming increasingly commonplace as structures around the world begin to reach the end of their working lives.

Thanks to their R&D-driven approach, UCS is experienced in providing high-performance coating solutions and experienced technicians to remove concrete weight coat, bitumen, FBE, epoxy and other coatings without damage to the asset.

UCS carefully applies knowhow and technical performance to ensure that coating removal is effective and asset downtime is minimised.

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