Metocean data systems

Ashtead Technology have an extensive array of packaged solutions covering a range of metocean data applications.

Ashtead Technology has an excellent track record in providing metocean data acquisition and monitoring systems, capable of delivering precise information for extended periods under harsh offshore operating conditions.

Advanced knowledge of forecast weather conditions is critical to the design of riser and mooring systems and in the planning and deployment of subsea equipment during the installation and operating phase.

Whether you require information for design loadings or to support construction or operating phases of offshore production, we can deliver complete monitoring and recording solutions to suit specific site needs that include wave, wind, current, tide, barometric pressure and temperature, as discrete or integrated solutions.

Integrated solutions

Discover how Ashtead Technology incorporates market-leading technologies and innovative life of field services to help clients deliver complex projects.

Experienced in the design and deployment of metocean environmental monitoring solutions, Ashtead Technology can provide all metocean data requirements including the selection of instruments through remote data acquisition systems.

Environmental monitoring is often completed in hostile and challenging conditions over long periods of time. Our dedicated teams and proven equipment can withstand the extreme loadings put on sensors, deployment platforms and data acquisition and telemetry systems.

Ashtead Technology has a wealth of industry experience and smart solutions for the design and deployment of metocean weather monitoring solutions. We can also provide a range of systems and instruments for remote data acquisition.

Monitoring weather conditions is often required in areas, which are exposed to heavy seas, putting extreme loading on sensors, deployment platforms and data acquisition systems.

In addition, we can deliver remote data telemetry and visualisation systems ensuring critical data is available to the client, whether on or offshore, driving cost reduction and improved safety performance.