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Veripos LD2 Integrated Mobile Unit

Available for rental/ hire from Ashtead Technology - the Veripos LD2 Integrated Mobile Unit.

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The LD2 is designed to achieve our product philosophy, which is standardised, upgradeable hardware with maximum flexibility whilst simple to operate and maintain. The LD2 is available in a number of configurations from basic satellite receiver to a fully integrated mobile positioning unit with demodulator and multi-frequency GNSS receiver. The unit can be upgraded to different configurations as required.

Functionally the LD2 can be used in a virtual ‘black box’ mode to generate any VERIPOS proprietary position solution, depending upon which data services are enabled. Additionally, it can be used as a sensor that outputs received data and GNSS measurements to external processing or quality control software such as VERIPOS’ Verify QC suite.

A small LCD display and keypad allow for quick and easy user setup and in addition to calculating position the LD2 is able to output all received data in standard formats such as RTCM. The LD2 is exceptionally flexible and operating status can be determined through the LED indicators or LCD display. For more comprehensive status indication a monitor can be connected directly to the unit, for use with the Verify DP software application which provides a real-time graphical representation of position and status information.

The LD2 uses VERIPOS high-power satellite transmissions. With high-power services a compact high-gain omni-direction antenna is recommended.

Alternatively a suitable stabilised dish antenna, such as that used on vessels for communicating via Inmarsat, can be utilised. A special interfacing kit can be supplied in this case.

  • Receiver size 1U rack mountable x 32cm depth
  • Weight 5kg
  • Display 2 line x 20 character back-lit LCD display
  • Operating temp -15 to 55 degrees Celsius
  • Input voltage 90 to 265V AC
  • Consumption 20W