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Nortek Aquadopp Profiler 2 MHz

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Nortek Aquadopp Profiler 2 MHz.

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The Aquadopp Profiler is a highly versatile Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) available in four profiling range options, from < 1 m to > 85 m. Designed for simple yet powerful operation, this current profiler is packed with features used by engineers and researchers to enable accurate and effective hydrodynamic data collection in a variety of environmental conditions.

  • Up to 10 m current profiling range
  • Optional right-angle head
  • PUV-based directional wave measurements
  • Near-bed current profiles with fine vertical resolution
  • Mean flow measurements with high focus on ease of use and simplicity
  • Measurements in flow regimes with strong variations in flow speeds
  • Projects with needs for both high-resolution and normal-range current measurements
  • Measurements of combinations of waves and currents
  • Studies of deep-water currents
  • Studies of tidal currents
  • Mounted on surface buoys
  • Suitable for wave buoys