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Marine Magnetics Horizontal Transverse SeaSpy Gradiometer

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Marine Magnetics Horizontal Transverse SeaSpy Gradiometer.

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A magnetic gradiometer measures magnetic gradient in one dimension by taking the difference between two independent magnetic sensors. Since the Earth’s magnetic field is three dimensional, up to three independent gradient directions can be measured – vertical, horizontal (across-track) and longitudinal (along-track).

SeaSPY sensors are highly accurate and repeatable, making them ideal for gradiometers. In addition, all SeaSPY magnetometers are compatible, so you can upgrade your magnetometer to the gradiometer configuration of your choice, as you need to.

Our transverse gradiometers connect the sensors with a rigid 1.5m structure. They are well suited for close-in, precision surveys for small ferrous targets where short sensor separation is required.

A horizontal transverse gradiometer can be effectively used to track cables or pipelines in real time from relatively high towing altitudes. The addition of vertical gradiometer data allows accurate measurement of cable/ pipeline burial depth. Short-baseline gradient measurement in any direction is useful for eliminating geological and diurnal interference, and providing data in real time so that recovery efforts can be started while the survey is in progress, rather than waiting for the total field data to be processed.

  • Cable / pipeline survey
  • Detection of small ferrous targets