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GES Gas-Tec MK5 FID Hydrocarbon Gas Detector

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology - the GES Gas-Tec MK5 FID Hydrocarbon Gas Detector.

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The GES GasTec MK5 is a low-level hydrocarbon gas detector which can be used for a number of applications including natural gas surveys, landfill surveys, environmental surveys, leak detection and methane sniffing.

The GasTec MKV can measure Hydrocarbons at levels of 1 to 10,000ppm with ranges of 0 - 100ppm, 0 - 1,000ppm and 0 - 10,000ppm. Currently, the rental units are calibrated for Methane however the GasTec MK5 can also detect other Hydrocarbons including propane, butane, pentane and tetrahydrofuran.

With built-in GPS, the GasTec MK5 assigns latitude, longitude and sea level to all of the data readings. This allows you to pinpoint and effectively report on any areas which may require further investigation. It also demonstrates traceability and confirms that the survey was been completed.

Highly portable and easy to use, the GasTec MK5 has an IP54 rating and is capable of running for up to 22 hours.

Please note that the unit runs on UHP Hydrogen gas and will be supplied with a full tank which can typically run for up to 30 hours.

Because of the Hydrogen cylinders, the instrument must be transported via a hazardous goods courier.

  • Hydrocarbon detector with FID sensor: detects methane, propane, butane, pentane and tetrahydrofuran (calibrated for methane)
  • Detection range: 1 - 10,000ppm
  • Highly accurate: +/- 10%
  • Detection speed: less than 2 seconds
  • GPS tracking: assigns latitude, longitude and sea level to data readings
  • Battery life: up to 22 hours
  • Natural gas surveys
  • Landfill surveys
  • Environmental surveys
  • Leak detection
  • Methane sniffing