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Coda Octopus GeoSurvey Geokit Sidescan

Available for rental/ hire from Ashtead Technology - the Coda Octopus GeoSurvey Geokit Sidescan.

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Geokit Sidescan has long been recognized as the industry-standard software tool for interpreting sidescan sonar records accurately, reliably and efficiently.

Geokit Sidescan is based on the renowned Coda GeoSurvey™ suite, which offers powerful data processing and navigation-correction capabilities to enhance the clarity of your data to ensure that every ping is geo-referenced correctly. It gives you the ability to append thousands of different types of seabed features to literally unlimited volumes of data, and to record measurements, descriptions and other information to them. Point contacts, linear features and sediment boundaries or outcrops can all be marked up and described quickly and accurately, and reports on the interpretation database can be generated in industry-standard or completely user-definable formats.

Designed by Geophysicists, and benefiting from years of development in close cooperation with hundreds of industry professionals who use it every day, Geokit Sidescan offers the most versatile and reliable toolkit for interpreting sidescan sonar data.

  • GIS overview window. This shows the track of every line in the database, overlaid onto charts or other relevant survey imagery such as sidescan mosaics, multibeam bathymetry or magnetometer contours
  • Overlay geotechnical information such as CPT or core logs, for display in the GIS overview or in the data viewers. Transparency layers to allow direct comparison of adjacent parallel survey lines
  • Display of cross-line intersections to further assist with comparison and QC
  • Enhanced processing functionality in the frequency domain including histograms and a full range of filters
  • Interpretation assistance with automatic horizon tracking, multiple identification and cross-line comparison
  • Generation of Fledermaus objects from either raw or processed data at the click of a button
  • Complete flexibility for reporting to spreadsheet, ASCII, HTML or other formats
  • Powerful tools for searching the interpretation database
  • The widest range of file formats is supported, including Coda, JSF, XTF and various SEG-Y variants
  • Fully compatible with existing software and acquisition systems from CodaOctopus, such as the Coda DA2000 and the Octopus 760 and also with third party products from all leading manufacturers