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Ashtead Technology Taut Wire System (TWS)

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology - the Ashtead Technology Taut Wire System (TWS)

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Ashtead Technoloy’s Taut Wire System (TWS) is designed to be an independent DP peripheral sensor that will operate in water depths up to 400 metres water depth and to integrate into a range of DP consoles. Once deployed, the system will provide continuous, uninterrupted data. It can be used in close proximity to installation and also in open water locations. The TWS system is ideally suited to DP equipped multi-purpose work vessels, DSVs, construction / intervention vessels and semi-submersibles operating up to 400m water depth deploying a hydraulic powered boom and cable winch.

The system proposed comprises the deck-mount Taut Wire unit with 500m of 4.9mm anti-spin wire and 460 kilos depressor weight, an external local control cabinet, an instrument cabinet, a bridge remote control panel, set of system manuals and basic field spares kit. The 460kg depressor weight is now offered as a standard weight and replaced a 360kg weight for a better performance in certain harsh conditions.

  • The unit is SIL2 certified and all external sensors are in stainless steel for operation in harsh environments
  • The SIEMENS motor on the unit is tropicalised for use in any climate
  • The breaking resistor is sized accordingly for continuous use of mooring mode
  • The TWS unit does not require any air supply
  • Advanced SIEMENS drive technology finitely controls the wire tension
  • Dive support vessels
  • Multi-purpose work vessels
  • Construction vessels
  • Intervention vessels
  • Semi-submersibles