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Ashtead Technology Subsea Cleaning Tool

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Ashtead Technology Subsea Cleaning Tool

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The subsea cleaning tool is used to quickly and effectively remove difficult marine growth from mooring chains and other subsea components. Ashtead’s subsea cleaning tool dramatically improves chain cleaning time and saves clients money by reducing boat / ROV time required for inspection preparation.

  • Highly effective at removing marine growth from geometrically complex components
  • Constructed from materials that will not damage subsea components
  • Speeds up inspection times, saving clients vessel/ROV costs
  • Uses polymer fingers that spin up to 1000rpm
  • Brass chain option
  • Riser cleaning
  • Vessel hull cleaning
  • Mooring chain cleaning
  • Electrical power cable cleaning
  • Subsea socket cleaning

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