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Ashtead Technology Diamond Wire Saw

Available for rental, hire and purchase from Ashtead Technology - the Ashtead Technology Diamond Wire Saw

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Running on hydraulic power, the wire saw is controlled remotely using the Topside Control Panel (TCP), HPU with integrated TCP or by ROV control operable via zero leak hot stabs.

Ashtead Technology Diamond Wire Saws feature a unique hydrodynamic design that dramatically reduces centrifugal forces during operation, which means less power wasted in churning water and more power directed to cutting the work piece.

The Ashtead Technology Diamond Wire Saw features a unique self-adjusting auto feed system that controls wire bend and automatically matches the feed rate to the cutting rate. With the ability to adjust the feed until the cutting action catches up, Ashtead Technology DWS delivers more efficient cutting action with enhanced operator safety and greatly extended wire life.

In addition, the saw is equipped with a fully adjustable power clamping system, designed to grasp the work piece more accurately with fewer contact pads. It features two synchronised hydraulically actuated clamping arms that pivot inward, providing easy and secure remote control mounting. Synchronised clamping arms ensure uniform, square and secure mounting and prevent damage to the arms from unequal forces. Because the machine mounts more accurately, less visual supervision is required.

  • Lightweight aluminium plate construction
  • Five models cut from 4in to 84in O.D. (DN100-2100)
  • Easily replaceable long life diamond wire cutting element
  • Hydraulically operated synchronised clamping arms
  • Self adjusting automatic feed system
  • Overload clutch for bow damage prevention
  • Corrosion resistant with anode protection
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally
  • Cutting of horizontal or vertical pipe, casings and structures