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Ashtead Technology Aqua-Cavi Pump with Internal Hose Reel

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Ashtead Technology Aqua-Cavi Pump with Internal Hose Reel.

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The Aqua-Cavi pump system with integrated hose reel provides a reliable cleaning method to tackle marine growth on offshore assets. Cavitation technology allows for effective underwater pressure-washing of assets including pipework and jackets, and is effective on surface types including steel, concrete, wood, plastics, rubber and fibreglass.

The pistol grip nozzle system is optimised for compactness and efficiency, enabling complex geometrical surfaces to be cleaned. Surfaces can be cleaned with no impact on their painted, varnished or anti-fouling finish.

The Aqua-Cavi pump is durable and rugged, making it ideal for use in salt water environments.

  • Easy to use pistol grip nozzle
  • Light weight and integrated abrasion resistant hose reel
  • Marine growth cleaning