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Applied Acoustics AA251 & AA310 Boomer Seismic Sound Source

Available for rental/hire from Ashtead Technology - the Applied Acoustics AA251 & AA310 Boomer Seismic Sound Source.

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The AA251 and AA301 boomer plates are seismic sound sources that produce a sharp repeatable pulse from a floating position on the sea surface.

The AA251, deployed on either a robust CAT100 or CAT200 catamaran, is ideal for inshore surveys from small craft.

The AA301 is designed for higher power applications and can also be used as a variable frequency boomer when combined with the CSP-D range of energy sources.

  • Stable pulse shape clarity with minimum reverberation
  • Rugged mechanical design with weight kept to a minimum
  • Supplied as individual product, or with a catamaran
  • Supplied with RMK connectors and locking collars as standard.
  • AA251 forms part of the Inshore Boomer System, ideal for coastal surveys
  • AA301 ideal for nearshore and shallow water surveys (up to 120m) depending on geology