Hydraulic shear cutting

Engineered for maximum underwater cutting performance.

UCS-designed range of hydraulic shear cutters delivers high-volume scrap cutting capability on a wide variety of structures and materials. Our shear cutters are versatile enough to be used on a wide array of structures including umbilicals, flexible/rigid pipes, I and H-beams, steel plate, re-bar or concrete.

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UCS MSD-2000 Shear Cutter

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UCS MSD-4000 Shear Cutter

Availability: Integrated service

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UCS MSD-4500 Shear Cutter

Availability: Integrated service

Hydraulic shear cutting applications

Underwater Cutting Solutions develops its own technologies and solutions to assist clients worldwide. Our hydraulic shear cutting equipment is used for a wide variety of IMR, salvage and decommissioning tasks.

  • Demolition cutting
  • Cutting risers, Mid Water Arches (MWAs), mooring chains etc.

Hydraulic shear cutting case study

Situated approximately 250km north-east of Aberdeen in a water depth of 150m, this project utilised hydraulic shear cutters and required the removal of eight risers, two umbilicals and one electrical cable connecting the MacCulloch field’s subsea infrastructure to the FPSO.

Requiring maximum cutting performance as well as user-friendliness, this scope relied heavily upon UCS’ own in-house engineered hydraulic shears. Both the MSD-4000 and MSD-4500 models were outfitted with rigging and ancillary equipment for both subsea and topside operations.

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