Abrasive waterjet cutting

We offer a range of high-performance abrasive waterjet cutting solutions which can be tailored to your unique project requirements.

Our abrasive waterjet cutting systems and related equipment are ideal for efficient, high-pressure cutting on a variety of subsea structures. The UCS range is designed and engineered in-house, and includes the Abrasive Waterjet Cutting System, Abrasive Hole Cutter, Circumferential Manipulator, Internal Pipe Cutter and Mooring Chain Cutter.

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UCS Abrasive Hole Cutter

Availability: Integrated service

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UCS Abrasive Waterjet Cutting System

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UCS Internal Pipe Cutter

Availability: Integrated service

Abrasive water jet cutting applications

Underwater Cutting Solutions develops its own technologies and solutions to assist clients worldwide. Our abrasive waterjet cutting equipment is used for a wide variety of IMR, salvage and decommissioning tasks.

  • Cutting where structural compression is present
  • Cutting of complex shapes for crack mitigation on structures
  • Salvage operations
  • Internal caisson cutting
  • Tie down or magnet fitments

Abrasive waterjetting case study

UCS has pioneered highly-effective abrasive waterjetting tools which are easy to use and deliver excellent performance.

UCS is experienced in the successful delivery of abrasive waterjetting projects completed on schedule and with no lost time incidents.

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