Coating removal on Caspian Sea platform

With a platform in the Caspian Sea soon to be upgraded with three new risers, McDermott contracted UCS to efficiently remove the coating from the horizontal and vertical jacket members so that an SA2.5-quality surface finish could be achieved.

The solution

UCS provided three bespoke Coating Removal Tools (CRT), as well as the necessary Control Cabin and SCADA Control Operating System required to utilise the equipment, in only 10 weeks.

Due to variances in the size of subsea members to be cleaned, ranging from 700 - 1500mm in diameter and 1200 – 9000mm in length, UCS operating software had to be versatile enough to be rapidly changed to suit each operation.


Prioritising user-friendliness, UCS created an operating system which could be partially or fully-automated depending on client requirements. Yard trials surpassed client expectations, with operations in the Caspian Sea allowing further refinement of the CRT concept.

McDermott has benefited as a result of UCS providing a bespoke solution to a specific requirement, in turn enabling UCS to bring a truly innovative CRT and accompanying operating system into a competitive market.