3D modelling and photogrammetry

BW Offshore, operators of the Sendje Berge FPSO, enlisted Welaptega’s expertise in obtaining detailed information on top chain dimensions both above and below the waterline. This information was used to determine which lengths of chain required replacement, and which could be kept in service on the external turret mooring system.

The solution

Welaptega conducted a two-phase inspection with project management for RAT topside and ROV subsea operations. The most heavily-degraded links were determined by RATs using a handheld caliper and by ROV using Welaptega’s Subsea Caliper.

In addition, Welaptega provided in-air and subsea 3D modelling of chain links for dimensioning and historical reference.


Welaptega delivered cohesive and successful management of both topside and underwater inspection programs, with detailed 3D models suitable for dimensional, FEA and strength analysis.

The client also benefited from considerable cost savings, with the detailed photogrammetry and measurement results allowing the strongest chain sections to remain in service with no detriment to safety.