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  1. September 2014 - Rental instruments help develop advanced gas pipe QC tests

    Forth Inspection Service (Aberdeen) recently hired advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment from Ashtead Technology in order to develop sophisticated test methods as part of the quality control procedures for new gas pipelines.The test procedures were developed and validated with Alness-headquartered Scotia Automated Inspection Services (a division of ShawCor UK ltd), who are responsible for the ongoing QC work. The rented equipment included a second generation Olympus OmniScan MX2-P2… Read more ›

  2. August 2014 - XRF rental helps assure component quality

    A specialist manufacturer of high quality components for critical industrial applications has employed the latest analytical technology to guarantee the metallic composition of the products it provides. Employing a portable XRF analyser from Ashtead Technology, UK based Wulfrun is able to quickly check the quality of raw materials, work in progress and final products, in order to meet the tight specifications required by the market sectors for which quality is critical.Wulfrun’s Bastien… Read more ›

  3. August 2014 - Ashtead Technology announces ECA Robotics distributor agreement

    Leading international subsea equipment specialist, Ashtead Technology, has increased its product portfolio with an exclusive sales agreement with ECA Robotics for its range of specialist underwater inspection equipment.The agreement with the French company is for the rights to sell the ECA Hytec range of advanced underwater inspection equipment including ROVs, manipulators arms, cameras and lights.As part of the agreement, Ashtead Technology will deliver dedicated sales support and product… Read more ›

  4. August 2014 - Instrument hire makes financial sense for the Drain and CCTV Inspection sector.

    In the pipeline, drain and culvert inspection sector, the most commonly employed instruments are tools for the remote visual inspection of underground assets, and gas monitors for checking that underground or confined spaces are safe.However, pipes and drains vary enormously in terms of size, shape and construction material, and the contents of drains vary even more; often containing a dangerous cocktail of sewage, wastewater and chemicals. As a result, inspection companies need access to a… Read more ›

  5. July 2014 - A global first for Ashtead Technology

    Global subsea equipment specialist Ashtead Technology, headquartered in Aberdeen, has taken delivery of the new advanced OCTANS NANO system from leading navigation, positioning and mapping solutions experts iXBlue.Ashtead Technology is the first company to offer the advanced OCTANS NANO system on a rental basis globally, launching the innovative product in conjunction with iXBlue on 24th/25th July at its Aberdeen facility.  Click here for information.This latest delivery follows an… Read more ›